Laminating and Bindery Terms

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  • Bleed

    Related Terms: Flush Trim

    Printing that goes to the edge of the sheet after trimming. Bleed refers to ink. Laminate that stops at the edge of the finish trimmed sheet is “Flush Trim”

  • Caliper

    Related Terms: Mil, Point, Micrometer

    The thickness of paper or laminate. The caliper of paper in the United States is measured in points. The caliper of film laminate is measured in mils. Mils and Points are both the same thickness—1/1000th of an inch. Lamination caliper is measured per side. Two-sided lamination using 5 mil film adds a total of 10 mils or points to the caliper of the sheet.

  • Edge Seal

    Related Terms: Encapsulation

    The amount of lamination that extends beyond the edge of the sheet being laminated. Most common is 1/8" seal on all sides. A document with edge seal on all sides is gennerally water tight and more resistant to paper separation

  • Encapsulation

    Related Terms: Edge Seal

    A term which refers to the product being totally encased in the laminating film. Generally a border would exist around the product where the top and bottom film layers are bonded together.

  • Flush Trim

    Lamination that is trimmed even with the edge of the finished sheet. Flush trim is best accomplished by laminating a larger parent sheet and then cutting the pieces to final size aftwards.

  • Lay-Flat®

    Lay Flat Lamination

    Lay-Flat® is the GBC's trademarked name for a nylon based film that allows single sided laminated paper and graphics to adjust to humidity and helps eliminate the curling of laminated books. It is dsigned for applications that include book covers, dust jackets, brochures and magazines. Other companies market similar films under the names D&K Curl-Free® and Transilwrap curl-resistant.

  • Transfer Tape

    Related Terms: Double-Sided Tape; Pressure Sensitive Tape
    transfer tape

    A peel and stick tape with a release liner used to bond two items. Transfer tapes are commonly used for point-of-sale products, table tents, wall calendars and pocket folders. The tape is machine applied to one surface by TradeLam. The release liner remains on the product until the end user removes it to adhere the first surface to the second surface

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